Tuesday, September 28, 2004

nowing the NAACP

You know, it's been a long time since I've seen a reference to the National Organization for Women in the news. I remember when they were the terror of the airwaves. Back in the nineties, reporters used to go to NOW for opinions on practically everything. And they reported those opinions as the opinion of "women" or "major women's organizations".

Was NOW brought down by the hypocracy they displayed over the O. J. Simpson trial and Bill Clinton? In case you don't recall, National NOW made a specific decision to support O. J. Simpson, wife-killer, because the Democrat party was supporting him.

Then they supported Bill Clinton when he was accused of things that would have ruined any corporate president or Republican. We don't have to guess what NOW would have said if some corporate president or Republican were caught in a similar scandal because such situations happened and we know how viscious NOW was about it.

But now, NOW seems to be gone. What happened? Could it bee that those two cases showed NOW for what it was, the lady's auxiliary to the Democratic party and that's why they lost all their influence?

I wonder if something similar is happening to the NAACP. For years now, they have been partisan supporters of the Democrats no matter what Republicans did. They get all riled up about Confederate flags, but only when there are Republican governers to have to deal with it. They've also taken to repeating the most vile partisan slanders about Bush and Republicans.

And this time we have a lot of black commentators pointing out their partisanship --far more than at any time previous.

I wonder if this election will see the NAACP getting NOWed.

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