Sunday, September 19, 2004

on lying

I knew from personal conversations that some Democrats just assumed Clinton was lying when he said he wanted Welfare reform. They were shocked and appalled when he went through with it. I also know from personal conversations that some Democrats assume Kerry is lying about his opposition to gay marriage and keeping troops in Iraq. They just figure he has to say that to get elected.

I've always claimed that the Democratic party lives on lies. If they didn't lie about their positions on guns, American sovereignty, religion, and other issues, then
their real constituencies would be limited to a few small regions of the country. If they didn't lie about Republicans, calling them racists, saying they don't care about the poor, they want to starve children, they go to war to get money for their friends and other absurd things, then their natural constituencies would be the only people who would vote for them. They would be the minor party of leftist extremists that they ought to be, given the ideological makeup of the country.

But to keep those lies believable, they rely on the fact that even though they are a minority of the population, they make up a majority of the journalists, teachers, bureaucrats, and heads of opinion-influencing organizations. The situation is similar to what existed in Iraq last year: the socialist Baath organization made up a minority of Iraq, but they made up a majority of those with guns.

In the US, the people with guns obey the duly constituted civil authority, so you want to control the civil authority. But either way, the way for a minority group to keep power is to find the focus of power and control that. You can see where the Democrats think that power lies by what institutions they support. They struggle for increased power of the press and decreased power of the church. They struggle to increase funding for the bureaucracy and for secular "charitable" organizations while they decrease funding for the military.

In fact, those power points explain in large part why the Republican leadership (as opposed to actual conservatives) once wanted to reduce civilian government spending while building up the military: civilian government employees largely vote Democratic and use their budgets to further Democrat causes while military people tend to vote Republican.

The country is now seeing a shift in one part of the power equation. The old main stream media no longer has a monopoly on information. The Democratic party which has depended so much on that monopoly is suffering. And they don't really understand why, because most of them never really understood how their ability to interpret the world let them win elections in areas where they were an ideological minority.

UPDATE: Donald Crankshaw thinks I'm too hard on the Dems. I should qualify the comments above by saying that I'm talking about politicos, not the rank and file. Large parts of the rank and file are segments that I don't think would be Dems if not for the lies.

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