Tuesday, September 21, 2004

party on (but very conservatively)

Well, the NRO party was a qualified success from my point of view. I got to meet Ramesh and Deroy. Both of them are extremely well spoken and charismatic. You wonder why they are journalists instead of politicians. When I told Ramesh I was Doc Rampage, he told me he has seen my blog. I was absurdly pleased with myself over that.

As I was talking to Deroy, I suddenly remembered I had a camera in a pocket so he let me take a picture of him:

Then I decided that this would be a good way to meet people: go around and ask to take their picture for my blog. I did one photo and then I saw this cute girl sitting by herself at the bar and that kind of blew off the next hour and half. She wasn't even with the NRO crowd as it turned out. She was visiting her boyfriend, the bartender.

So why did I waste an hour and a half talking to a girl right in front of her boyfriend? It's complicated. First, she was really cute. Second, early on in the conversation she made a comment about how other people had talked to her and when they found out she wasn't with the NRO crowd they left. It was clear that she wanted someone to talk to (her boyfriend was too busy. Conservatives drink a lot). So, being the heroic character I am, I felt obligated to keep the cute girl company. And third, I was hungry and it gave me a base station for ordering a meal. The bar was the only place left to sit.

Later, I caught Ramesh again for a picture with the two of us. Ramesh photographs well so here is his half of the photo:

I don't photograph well. It's odd too, because I'm so damn good-looking in the mirror.

I also met a guy in a business that would make a good (OK, spectacular) customer for my company and I tried to sell him our software. Well, I didn't try very hard, but he is currently using a competitor of ours, one that is lots slower and more expensive. I just thought someone ought to point that out to him.

Well, I missed my chance to meet the other NROnicks, which I kind of regret, but she was really cute.

Maybe next time.

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