Tuesday, September 07, 2004

read Tour of Duty

A comment on Roger L Simon:
I agree. Dukakis I had respect for, even if I disagreed strongly with a lot of his positions. My respect for Kerry is eroding in direct proportion to the amount that I learn about him. Reading Tour of Duty is accellerating the process.
It's odd. Clearly the book's intent is to boost him, but it raises as more questions than it provides answers.
I'm not surprised to hear this. That book was written by a leftist to promote a leftist. Unless the author is very good at not only understanding non-leftists, but also disciplined enough to keep that always at the forefront, he isn't going to be able to write a book that will make anyone but leftists like John Kerry.

We ought to start a new meme:
Get John Kerry's side of the Vietnam story! Read his biography!
I really expect that this will cost him more support than it gains him.

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