Wednesday, September 22, 2004

things you have to believe to be a Democrat

And old post from Haight Speech:

1. People who use drugs deserve compassion and understanding -- unless their drug of choice is tobacco.

2. Children can be exposed to years of violent and sexually-explicit imagery in popular culture with no ill effects, but an adult who is exposed to a racially insensitive remark is emotionally scarred for life.

3. Banning abortions will only drive them underground, but banning guns will make them disappear.

4. Teaching children about safe sex in school will make them sexually responsible, but teaching children about safe gun handling in school would make them violent killers.

5. The Enron accounting scandal is an indictment of free markets as such, but UNSCAM is no big deal.

6. An unemployment rate of 5.6% during the Clinton administration was unusually low, but an unemployment rate of 5.6% during the Bush administration is unusually high.

7. Successful government programs should be praised and publicized -- unless the program is welfare reform.

8. A work of art portraying Jesus submersed in urine is daring and avant garde, but a work of art portraying Mohammad submersed in urine would be bigoted and hateful.

9. George Bush invaded Iraq for the oil, but the many profiteers from the oil-for-food program opposed the war out of principle.

10. Janet Jackson's breast is protected by the First Amendment, but political advocacy ads are not.

11. Scientists and engineers can't build a safe nuclear reactor, but global warming activists can accurately predict the weather.

12. Education should be value-neutral, except for values like multiculturalism and environmentalism.

13. We need to move beyond 9/11, so we can get back to obsessing over Vietnam.

14. The Second Amendment does not protect the right to keep and bear arms, but the Fourteenth Amendment mandates race preferences.

15. Fetuses do not have rights, but animals do.

16. Parents should have a choice over whether their children are born, but not what school they attend.

17. American corporations outsourcing jobs to poor foreign workers is bad; taxing American corporations and sending money to foreign dictators who promise to give it to poor foreigners, but actually squirrel it away in Swiss bank accounts, is good.

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