Monday, October 18, 2004

announcing Storyblogging Carnival IV

I'll be hosting the Storyblogging Carnival next week. Here's the announcement:

Now accepting submissions for the next Storyblogging Carnival
The next Storyblogging carnival will be on Monday, October 25th. If you have a story on your blog that you'd like to have included in the Carnival, please post in the comments to this message or e-mail me at doc-at-docrampage-dot-net (replace "-at-" with "@" and replace "-dot-" with "."), including the following information:

Name of your blog
URL of your blog
Title of the story
URL for the blog entry where the story is posted
A word count
A suggested rating for adult content (G, PG, PG-13, R)
A short blurb describing the story

The post may be of any age, from a week old to years old. The submission deadline is 11:59 PM Eastern time on Friday, October 22nd. More detailed information follows:

1. The story or excerpt submitted must be posted on-line as a blog entry, and while fiction is preferred, non-fiction storytelling is acceptable.

2. The story can be any length, but the Carnival will list them in order of length, from shortest to longest, and include a word count for each one.

3. You may either send a complete story, a story in progress, or a lengthy excerpt. By lengthy excerpt, I mean that it should be a significant portion of the story, at least 10% of the whole thing. You should indicate the word count for both the excerpt and the complete story in the submission, and you should say how the reader can find more of the story in the post itself.

4. If the story spans multiple posts, each post should contain a link to the beginning of the story, and a link to the next post. You should submit the first post to the Carnival.

5. The host has sole discretion to decide whether the story will be included or not, or whether to indicate that the story has pornographic or graphically violent content. The ratings for the story will be decided by the host. I expect I'll be pretty lenient on that sort of thing, but I have some limits, and others may draw the line elsewhere. Aside from noting potentially offensive content, while I may say nice things about stories I like, I won't be panning anyone's work.

6. The story may be the blogger's own or posted with permission, but if it is not his own work he should gain permission from the author before submitting to the Carnival.

Changed the deadline for submissions to be before the Carnival instead of after. I'm more likely to see it that way.

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