Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bill Jones on the Osama tape

An announcement by Bill Jones, California's Republican candidate for US Senate:
Today's tape from a person claiming to be Osama Bin Laden reinforces the message of what is at stake in this election. By issuing these threats, the terrorists apparently are hoping that the American people can be easily stampeded away from our commitment to seek justice for the victims of 9/11 and to end these threats to the civilized world.

This video is nothing more than the admission of a mass murderer. His claims of sympathy for the victims are pathetic. His efforts to shift blame for his own murderous actions to the President are laughable.

Bin Laden may have been trying to issue his own "October surprise" in an attempt to influence our elections, but his ghoulish ramblings are more in keeping with the Halloween season-our fears will become real only if we let them.

As former Secretary of State, I know our right to vote is the precious right we have. Many have died, many have been willing to be jailed, and many have suffered incalculable risks and indignities to secure the right to vote for themselves. We will not be easily swayed by the threats of a madman and a thug.

Bin Laden clearly fears the resolve of this nation and of President Bush. The attacks of 9/11 did not scare us into submission; they awoke a sleeping giant and we are now firm in our resolve to hunt the terrorists down in their holes and eliminate this threat from the world.

This tape reminds us once again that the terrorist threat will not be resolved by negotiations. It cannot be contained by treating them as simply a "policing" problem. Their hatred of Americans and our freedoms are too strong, and their sense of reality is too warped to dissuade them from lashing out and killing again.

My opponent, Barbara Boxer, has for too long misunderstood this threat. Her 22 years in Congress is replete with her efforts to diminish our ability to flush out the nature of this threat, and to arm our troops with the tools they need to hunt them down.

Boxer has a history of voting against the needs of our men and women in uniform. She voted to deny them the weapons systems they now use to such effective force. She voted to gut our intelligence agencies precisely at the time the threat from terrorism was beginning to develop. She voted against body armor for our troops. And she voted against pay raises to the men and women in our military at least 6 times while voting to raise her own pay at least 5 times.

More importantly, she ignored the terrorist threat at the very time she was Chair of the Senate's subcommittee on terrorism. Upon taking over as Chair, Boxer immediately announced that she was going to reshape the priorities of the Terrorism Subcommittee. In fact, she was quoted in the Modesto Bee saying, "We're planning on other issues in this committee and my subcommittee that deal with children, the status of children in the world, the status of women and some other things." Nowhere in those priorities is the terrorist threat.

After 9/11, Boxer continued to show she misunderstood the nature of the threat Bin Laden and the terrorists present to our nation and to the world. After the 9/11 tragedy, Boxer was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle as saying "We didn't know we had an enemy . . . We had no idea in terms of the breadth and reach of this enemy." And this was a statement coming from the former Chair of the Senate's Subcommittee on terrorism.

After the Madrid rail bombing, Boxer was quoted on the floor of the Senate referring to a terrorist act that killed 200 and injured 1400 as "that rail accident."

Today's Bin Laden tape should make it clear who our enemy really is. In the Senate, I will add a vote and the resolve to fighting this enemy that Boxer has failed to comprehend.

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