Monday, October 18, 2004

Bill O'Reilly

I've just been reading through the Drudge Report collection on the Bill O'Reilly's law suit. I was surprised to see that O'Reilly was the first to sue. He claims they were trying to blackmail him. I'm no fan of O'Reilly, but even if you assume everything the other side says is true, O'Reilly is right: it was attempted blackmail.

The woman accuses him of a long history of sexual harassment, but she also left to work for CNN and then came back to work for him. How offended could she have been if she was willing to come back to it? And could she possibly have been so offended that it was worth sixty million dollars? Or did she just think she could get sixty million dollars because O'Reilly had a big reputation to protect?

I wonder if she told her new friends at CNN about O'Reilly. I wonder if any of them suggested she go back to work for O'Reilly and try to tape some of his dirty talk.

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