Saturday, October 16, 2004

the death of civility?

Kerry has been heavily criticized for bring up Cheney's lesbian daughter in the debate. When he was citified for it, he went on the attack, partly through surrogates. A campaign spokeswoman said Cheney's daughter was "fair game" and Edwards's wife said the girl's mother was ashamed of her.

The most striking thing about this to me is the tone of it. Is it just my imagination or would this have been unthinkable just a few years ago? What would it cost Kerry to say "I didn't mean to give offense and I apologize for speaking carelessly?" In my view, something like that would completely negate what he said and even increase his stature.

But Kerry and his team don't agree. They seem to think that any civility at all toward the opponent would be harmful to them. Have things really gone that far? Have the Democrats gone so far over the edge that they wouldn't even let their candidate apologize for a ham-handed comment in a debate?

How much farther are things going to go?

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