Sunday, October 17, 2004

email counter attack

Most of you have heard about the infamous email sent out by Kerry supporters to scare people about the draft. It has had a surprising impact for something so silly (partly, no doubt because CBS lent the email some of it's own credibility).

I'd like to combat that email with another one. I've included it below. You can cut and paste it into a mailer and email it to as many friends as you want. I set up the links so that it will work even if you email in plain text (If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it).

So do some good! Copy everything from the line to the bottom of the post and email it to as many people as you can.

Have you heard that there is going to be a draft? If you are concerned about it, read this and pass it along to your friends.
If the wrong person gets elected this November, the US could end up with another draft. If you don't want that, you should think carefully about who you are going to vote for. When you vote, keep these points in mind:

1. The last draft in America was started by a Democrat (Roosevelt) and expanded by a Democrat (Johnson) and finally ended by a Republican (Nixon). A few years later, a Democrat (Carter) restarted draft registrations. And just last year, it was Democrats who introduced a bill in Congress to start the draft up again. Just last month, the bill was voted on and it lost. The congressmen who voted to restart the draft were all Democrats. Which party do you think is more likely to restart the draft?

2. The last time we had a draft it was a huge political benefit for John Kerry and the other liberal Democrats that control the party today. The draft may be the single major thing that destroyed the old pro-American, pro-labor patriots that used to run the Democrat party and let the current crop of tree-hugging, pro-illegal-alien internationalists take over. A draft would put more political power in the hands of the very people that Republicans oppose most. Who is more likely to want that to happen?

3. Both candidates have said there will not be a draft. The Republican, George Bush has a reputation for never backing down or changing his mind. The Democrat, John Kerry has a reputation for constantly changing his mind on everything. George Bush kept every one of his campaign promises except one: that he didn't believe in attacking other countries to change their government. He changed his mind when a group of terrorists killed thousands of Americans on 9/11. Since then he has set out to change the world and make it safer and better. By contrast, Kerry has been for the war, then against it, then for it, then against it. Who do you think is more likely to keep his word?

4. George Bush wants to reorganize the military to make it more efficient. He wants to eliminate missions that no longer make sense (like protecting West Germany from an attack launched from East Germany). John Kerry wants to increase the size of the army by forty thousand. He has frequently criticized Bush for not having enough troops in Afghanistan, for not having enough troops in Iraq, and even for withdrawing unneeded troops from Germany and East Asia. John Kerry wants a larger military that does all the things it's doing now and can also handle the new War on Terror. Bush wants a more focused, efficient, and effective military. Who is more likely to need a draft?

5. John Kerry says that he volunteered to go to Vietnam and that he was even so gung ho he volunteered for hazardous duty (whether you believe it or not, that's what he says). Kerry brags all the time about what a hero he is. He has even insulted Dick Cheney and George Bush for not fighting in Vietnam. Does this sound like the kind of man who will care if you don't want to go to war? He wouldn't give Dick Cheney a break for having baby. He wouldn't give George Bush a break for flying one of the most dangerous jets in the Air Force while keeping an eye on Cuba. What kind of break is he going to give anyone else?,0,1607562.story?coll=la-elect2004-complete

6. Many patriotic Americans despise John Kerry for the way he betrayed our soldiers in Vietnam. He called them a bunch of rapists and war criminals and compared them to Genghis Kahn. How many patriots do you think will want to serve in the military when the commander-in-chief has said such despicable things? Kerry will have to increase the size of the army with volunteers that are willing to serve under him. On the other side, career military people love George Bush and many of them are re-enlisting when their time is up. Who is more likely to need a draft?

7. Kerry says we need more help and more troops and that he's going to get them from our allies. But except for France and Germany, our allies have sent all the help they can. And the sad truth is that without the threat of the Soviet Union to bring us together, France and Germany aren't too sure they are still our allies. They now think of us as the competition. Kerry has even admitted that he knows France and Germany are not going to send troops. So where is he going to get all the extra troops he was counting on France and Germany for? Does he think young men are going to line up in droves to serve under him after he called our soldiers war criminals and he sided with the enemy?

8. John Kerry has called for mandatory service for high-school kids. He wants to force kids to do some heavy charity service before they can graduate high school. So it seems that John Kerry has no problem with forced service. How many high school kids would have to give up sports or after-school jobs, or music or other things they want to do? If Kerry has no respect for the goals and plans of high-school kids, what makes you think he is going to respect the goals and plans of draft-age kids?
Maybe you've seen the dishonest email that the Democrats sent around the country, trying to scare people about the draft. Maybe you've seen John Kerry and CBS news spreading those rumors even further. They believe fear of a draft will cause people to vote for Kerry. But Kerry is a lot more likely to start a draft than Bush.

But I don't want this email to be dishonest like that other one so I'm going to tell you the truth: no matter who gets elected, a draft is very, very unlikely. But everything I said above is also the truth: if there _is_ a draft, it probably will be started by a Democrat.

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