Sunday, October 10, 2004

I hate RealMedia

First the rational comments and then the rant:

RealMedia created a proprietary multimedia format with the express purpose of making everyone's life more difficult and leveraging a profit out of the difficulties they created. It's sort of like a company going into the car-making and road-building business at the same time, and deliberately building roads that only their cars can drive on. It's unethical, and I think if people had understood what they were doing, they never would have been successful. Microsoft and Apple have done the same thing, and I think everyone involved in all these efforts ought to be lined up so everyone who wants to can go down the line and slap all of them.

Please don't use proprietary media formats. MPEG and MP3 are perfectly adequate for all multimedia applications and all cars can drive on them.

begin rant:
I was forced to use RealPlayer to listen to DGCI's radio station. The player froze my computer. I pressed the reset button and instead of seeing a reboot, I saw a dialog from RealPlayer asking if I'm really sure I want to reboot because I'm in the middle of listening to something.

How freaking unbelievably arrogant do you have to be to think your application is so freaking important that it should delay a reboot because the user is listening to a freaking song! It's a freaking song! I can buy the freaking CD and listen to it any time I want!

Those dialogs are supposed to prevent you from losing work. When you spend an hour creating a file and then reboot without saving, it costs you time. What the hell does it cost you if a freaking song is interrupted?

And the freaking song is playing on the freaking computer! If I'm listening to it and I'm rebooting the computer then --listen up you RealMedia morons-- I freaking know the song is going to stop! It's playing on the freaking computer! I'm rebooting the freaking computer! The freaking computer can't play a song while it freaking reboots! Everyone freaking knows that! Shut up and let it reboot you freaking morons!

Thanks. I feel better now.

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