Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I win

Those smart guys in Congress have taken my advice and voted on the bill to reinstate the draft (link from Milblog).

As expected, the press is spinning this as much against the Republicans as they can, talking about how scared Republicans are of the rumor and pointing out gratuitously
The vote, however, doesn't prevent the issue from returning in the new session of Congress in January.
This is just the first stage of the response though. The next stage is for Republicans to start mentioning this in all their speeches. And if CBS doesn't pick it up, to start asking why it was a big story when it was an unfounded rumor, but not that Congress has spoken nearly unanimously on it, CBS doesn't want to talk about it any more. That's assuming that CBS doesn't do a segment on it, of course.

Unfortunately they haven't announced the first step in my plan, elimination of the Selective Service Commission. I think that step is essential to show that they are serious. Otherwise more snotty newsmen are going to finish stories on this by saying thing like "of course they can always bring it up again".

Yeah, when 402 of them are on record voting against it. That's going to happen.

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