Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Nader and Perot

It just occurred to me: Bush didn't insist on a three-way debate with Ralph Nader.

He could have. The Bush team probably figured that Kerry had the advantage in a debate so they were better off not having one at all. If they had insisted that Ralph Nader be allowed in like the Democrats insisted for Ross Perot, there would have been no downside. If Kerry refused, Bush could get out of the debate without refusing to debate. If Kerry accepted, Ralph probably would have gotten a surge out of it.

Bush showed a lot of class by not taking advantage of this situation the way the Democrats took advantage of the situation with his father. I'm sure the leftist blogs are grudgingly congratulating him for his classiness too. Anyone have any examples for me to link to?

OK, I was kidding about that last bit.

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