Wednesday, October 13, 2004

new logo, new links

That new logo at the top is pretty cool, huh? It was done by a friend of mine, John Vu. And that's pretty much what I look like in my metahero costume when I'm going around the land fighting for justice and human dignity and the right for men to enjoy wet T-shirt contests even though we respect women and would never view them as mere sex objects (I mean under normal circumstances, such as when they aren't competing in a wet T-shirt contest).

John doesn't have a web site but if you like the drawing and want to see about getting one for your site, email me and I'll pass it on.

And, as long as I'm not on the subject: I've added some new blogs over at the right.

Beyond Salvage hosted the current Storyblogging Carnival and does some good photoblogging too.

Blaster's Blog is one I found through Tom Harrison's page. He's got some interesting political stories.

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