Wednesday, October 06, 2004

political violence

True Blue has a list of recent incidents of violence against Republicans.

You know, it's considered rude among most of the non-nuts on the web to compare people to Nazis. But let's not forget who the brownshirts were: they were a gang of Nazi thugs who used violence to intimidate political rivals. The only people using and condoning tactics like that today are the leftist Bush-haters.

These people say it's dangerous hate-mongering when you say anything negative about homosexual activities. Supposedly, just the expression of disapproval can encourage violence against gays. But then they say that Bush stole the election, that Bush is killing people for his own financial gain, that Republicans want to starve children and leave old people to freeze, that Republicans hate gays and blacks, that Karl Rove lies and uses dirty tricks, and lots of other inflammatory things.

If just observing that homosexual activity is wrong constitutes an incitement of violence against gays, what are these other statements? Well, now we know.

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