Wednesday, October 13, 2004

political violence

Michelle Malkin brings together a bunch of the stories of Democrat violence against Republicans. I predict that it's going to get worse as it becomes more and more evident that Kerry is going to lose.

Left-wing rabble rousers have been doing everything they can to build up the hatred and anger of their side. All that rage has to go somewhere, and I predict that there will be some serious felonies committed before it is all over.

I also predict that the rabble rousers will deny responsibility while defending the felons. They will tell us they were provoked, that they were afraid their freedoms were being taken away. That the war in Iraq is mass murder so they were trying to stop mass murder. They will, in effect, use the arguments that the KKK and the abortion bombers have used to defend their violence. The very arguments that the left was so primly outraged about.

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