Friday, October 08, 2004

sailing ships

Robert Franklin responds to my doubts about his ship identification:
It seems after reading about the flag issue that I was also incorrect. That pic is the prototype Philip Roberts used for the HMS Grasshopper...the USS Washington. Same basic ship...different flag. Attached is another of her stern. Notice that the main mast (the one in the aft postion) has yards on top. The main on the Prince does not. Also the brig and the Prince have a different set up for the jib sails on the bow. There are many other things that are different to include the hull shape, the sails, the paint scheme, ships boat and armorment....etc.
and in another note
Just a side note...captured ships often changed owners/flags after being re-crewed and re-fitted. Some also flew the flag of the enemy to gain an advantage or just to make an escape. Not that American crews would think of doing it.....hehehehehehe....Don't Tread on Me!
He sends these pictures:

Surprise, Washington and Prince

Washington and Prince


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