Sunday, October 24, 2004

Storyblogging Carnival 4

Well another fortnight another Storyblogging Carnival. I'd like to thank Donald for starting this carnival; it's been loads of fun and I've been introduced to lots of great writing.

The previous Carnival was at Beyond Salvage.
The very first Carnival was at Back of the Envelope.

As usual, we have lots of variety. The first entry is actually four stories. I'm sorting these from shortest to longest, and yes, even with four stories, this entry is the shortest. That's because each story is just fifty words. It's sort of the haiku of prose.

High Wire Fate

from Fringe
50 words each, rated PG to R
Author's Note:
A tale told in fifty words. Fifty one if you count the title, which is
just as important as the rest of the story.

The next entry is a story about ... well I'm not sure. It could be allegorical; it sort of has that Pilgrim's Progress feel to it. Or it could be something else entirely. It's a continuing effort so we'll just have to wait and see.

the child, one
from tales by sheya
381 words, rated G.
Author's Note:
Who was she? How had she come here? Why was the light so bright in her eyes?

Next we have a short but powerful scene ending with a cliff-hanger. You'll have to read the sequel to find out what's going on.

When the Mind Hears
from Sunidesus Speaks
461 words, rated PG
Author's Note:
an Outer Limits style fanfic about society's view of perfection and flaws.

The next story starts out grim and ends up funny.

Waking the Dead
from Beyond Salvage
742 words, rated PG-13
Author's Note:
The mis-adventure of a group of up and coming undesirables.

Finally, a finished, complete tale. Sort of. This isn't really a story, but it's fictional and there is a story in the background so I included it.

Victims of Slavery v Lloyd's of London
from Tim Worstall
1069 words, rated PG-13
Author's Note:
Not sure whether this story quite fits the rules but here it is anyway

The next one is a screenplay rather than prose. It carries on the adventures of Zantar and Rolph, a disreputable pair of demihumans. Don't tell anyone, but these were originally two D&D characters in a game I ran.

A Meating of the Mines
from Dave Gudeman at Doc Rampage
1323 words, rated PG
Authors Note:
A fantasy/comedy screenplay.

This next one should not be read if its late at night and you are alone. Darleen, you could have given me the same warning...

Everythings Happens on Halloween
from Darleen's Place
1498 words, rated PG
Author's Note:
What happens when a Goth teen working in an occult shop meets something truly paranormal.

The next one is indescribable. You'll just have to read it.

Isaac and Rachel: A love song
from protein wisdom
~2360 words, rated R
Author's comment:
A reimagining of the Biblical Abraham and Isaac tale.

Next, comes another good old-fashioned adventure from Donald Crankshaw. Modern guy gets caught up in some magical events. I love this stuff.

from Donald S. Crankshaw at Back of the Envelope

4,054 words of a 6,198 word story in progress, rated PG
Author's Note:
This is second part of the story which began with An Unexpected Answer. It's bad enough that Ryan is trying to help some crazy girl escape from a violent psychopath, but now Ryan's beginning to wonder whether he's going mad himself.

Next another good adventure story. I don't think the author is entirely fair to the character when he says his curiosity got the better of him. The guy was on vacation! He took an innocent little walk to see what was going on! Does he deserve... Well, OK, I guess I shouldn't say because that would be a spoiler....

audio file (when you go to the link you will see a table, look for "shadowed!.mp3" in the first column and click on the arrow in the last column of that row), rated PG
Author's Note:
Shadowed is a tale of one man's curiosity getting the better out of him. He sees what he should not and it follows him back home after a less than relaxing holiday.

Happy reading! Be sure to tell all the other kids about it.

Have you posted a story on your blog? Would you like to see it in the prestigious Storyblogging Carnival? If so, just send an email to Donald Crankshaw at and ask to be put on the mailing list.

And don't miss the next Carnival back at it's original home at Back of the Envelope. I'd tell you the date but I have a calendar-reading disability, so just start with today (Monday) and add a fortnight.

Fixed the link to Isaac and Rachel: A love song.
Fixed the title of Shadowed! and added an explanation on how to get the sound file.
Changed the description of Waking the Dead because on review, I couldn't recall why I thought the story was unfinished. I must have been confusing Robin's email with someone else's.

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