Friday, October 29, 2004

what a relief!

After the Spanish caved in to terrorists and elected the government that the terrorists wanted, I greatly feared that we would face something similar here. But now someone --presumably Osama himself-- has put out a videotape telling us how the streets are going to run red with blood, and I feel a lot safer.

These guys always seem to talk biggest when they have the least to talk about. Osama didn't come on TV to warn us about 9/11 or any of his other big attacks, so why would he come on to warn us about the next one? I think the reason is that he can't put together an attack for the election. He wasn't able to put one together for Australia either.

If I'm right, this demonstrates that Bush has done a terrific job of destroying the infrastructure of al Qaeda, so that they just can't put together a serious operation in a developed nation. We'll see, but I'm predicting no major terrorism before this election.

And as long as I'm predicting, I'm going to predict Bush by 8 points nationally. I know it's way out of line with the poles, but I speculate (1) that the Democrats have intimidated people about saying they support Bush, (2) that the intimidation will work against them in the privacy of the polling booth, and (3) that a lot of people who think they are voting for Kerry won't be able to pull the lever for him when the time comes.

So you heard it here first. If the prediction turns out to be close, I'll be sure and remind you about it. If it turn out not to be close, you have permission to remind me. :-)

UPDATE: Oops. It seems I was confusing two different videotapes: one by Osama (or look-a-like) and a different one that promised the streets running red with blood. If the red-with-blood tape is legit, then my point still stands. If it was just cobbled together by another anti-Bush wacko then, of course, my point is pointless.

I'm still standing by my election prediction.

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