Friday, November 12, 2004

guest blogging and vacations

I've been invited to guest-blog over at DGCI. Here's my first post.

I mentioned my slow blogging there, but I thought I should say it here too. I've been extremely busy lately. And besides that I've been suffering from a lack of enthusiasm. Writing takes a lot of effort to do it right. It's so much easier to just scan other blogs and enjoy the work that others have done.

Besides that I've been planning my vacation. Since I haven't had a real vacation in many years, this one is going to be pretty ambitious and requires a lot of work. I have to get my passport renewed, get in better shape, take a refresher SCUBA dive, maybe take a refresher sail if I have time (although that's not as important), and most of all, figure out where to go. Right now the top contender is Belize. They have reefs, jungles, whitewater rivers, and Mayan ruins. I could get myself killed several different ways.

On the other hand, I've always wanted to visit the Philippines. The tourist attractions aren't as good there, but they do have lots of Filipinas, which I consider a tourist attraction all by itself. Similarly for Thailand, which has a more active tourist industry. On the other hand, I'm not excited about a long flight in a too-small seat. So it's probably going to be Belize.

I need a new cell phone too. Maybe I'll get one I can blog from and do some vacation blogging to make you all jealous.

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