Wednesday, November 03, 2004

reaping what you sow

I wrote the following in a comment to this post. Then I decided that it really didn't fit my own advice about being sympathetic. Well it does, in the sense that I would like it to be helpful to the people it is written to, but I'm reasonably certain that it won't be taken that way. Yet I think it is an important point, so I'm posting it here on my blog where it is unlikely to be read by the people who most need to understand it because they won't buy it.

Oh well. They don't really want to be happy as much as they want to be angry.
I really am sorry about what you and like-minded people are going through right now. As I said on my blog, I experienced a little of it last night, so I can empathize.

But I think the large majority of your suffering is self-inflicted. You took a few serious but limited disagreements and turned it into a war against Sauron. You are the ones who built Bush up into an evil that was too great to tolerate.

If you had been willing to acknowledge that George Bush was doing what he believed was right, and saying what he believed was true, if you had been willing to recognize that George Bush's religious convictions were similar to those of most of the great people of Western history rather than some dangerous aberration, if you had been willing to leave your disagreements as disagreements rather than evil plots, then you could sit back now and say, "Well, America will learn that they made a bad choice and in four years they will be willing to come back to us."

But you couldn't just have disagreements. You had to hate. And you had to create a myth to sustain and explain your hatred.

So although I regret that you are going through this, the truth is that you are reaping what you sowed.

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