Friday, November 12, 2004

some called him a genocidal lunatic

Where I work out there are five TV's running and you use headphones to listen to the sound from the one you want. Actually, there are two rooms with five TV's each and oddly enough, Fox news is always one of the five channels in each room. Did I mention I live near San Francisco?

I tried it today for the first time. Oddly enough, the Fox channel sound was at a lot lower signal strength than all the others. So much so that you can't hear it at all at normal volume settings and I spent quite a bit of time playing around before I realized what was wrong. It's almost like a conspiracy.

While switching around, I caught an announcement of Arafat's death on a local news program -- Arafat, "a man some called a terrorist".

Yeah, just like Hitler, a man some called a Nazi. Or Stalin, a man some called a communist. Like that, I guess.

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