Saturday, November 27, 2004

vacation blogging

No, this isn't the Belize vacation, it's my Thanksgiving vacation. I'm back in Arizona visiting the folks. For those of you that don't speak midwestern, that means I'm visiting the relatives. No, Arizona isn't the midwest, but that's where my family came from. Actually, that's where the majority of Arizonans seem to have come from.

It's been an on-and-off vacation. My university, Arizona, beat Arizona State in the anual post-Thanksgiving grudge game. Arizona's football team has a really lousy record this year. Somthing like 2 and 8 going into the game, and ASU (also known as the "Scum Devils") is bowl-bound. But we sent them to the meaningless bowl game with a bloody nose. Hah.

Then the basketball team lost the NIT for the first time I can remember. On the other hand, they lost by three points to the number one team in the country, Wake Forrest, so that wasn't as terrible as it could have been.

My dad has a video tape with the title "Girls, Girls, Girls". Hmm. Turns out, it's a barbershop chorus that he joined recently. There is something a bit unsettling about hearing fifty men in their seventies and eighties singing about making love. Mom made the usual great meal but decided that we didn't need pecan pie this year, only pear and pumkin. Pear pie is great, but my brother and I gave her a hard time any way. "Oh, I can hardly wait for the pecan..., oh, I forgot. No pecan pie this year." Great fun was had by all because mom is a good sport. Aunt and sister-in-law helped her out and sister-in-law guilted my brother and me into helping a little too. She didn't say anything, but you know how it goes: "sit down mom, I'll take care of the dishes. You should just take a break and play with your grandkids..." The aunt is too sweet to use those kind of strong-arm tactics, but not the sister-in-law.

One nephew is taller than me now, but I can still beat him up. All of those years of weight lifting are finally paying off. Another nephew just had a birthday last week and thought I ought to give him a birthday present. Yeah, right. Like I'm going to obligate myself to keeping track of birthdays and sending everyone birthday presents now. In his dreams. My third nephew won a hand of 3-11 in on the first round. He was pretty pleased with himself, but hey, anyone can get lucky cards. I try to keep my nephews from getting swelled heads. The fourth one was too shy to talk to me or I'd tell you what grade he's in.

Oh, and I'm working without a spell-checker, so cut me some slack here.

I probably won't be blogging agiain until Tuesday. Until then, happy what's left of Thanksgiving.

God bless.

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