Friday, November 12, 2004

who's smarter

The leftist blogs are passing around a table purporting to show that the people in blue states have higher IQs than people in red states. Unfortunately for their desperate self-esteem-generating ploy, the table is a fraud.

Michelle Malkin responds with an interesting generosity index that shows (with real, actual data) that red states tend to be more generous than blue states. This won't impress the leftists. Since when have they ever cared about people sacrificing to help others? No, the left is only impressed when someone forces others to sacrifice to help others. It's so much more fair when everyone is forced to do it, you know.

So, not willing to let the IQ thing die, I decided to look up SAT scores by state and see how Bush did. If Kerry had done better I wouldn't be posting it but...

So here it is. Real actual data from the College Board (which, by the way "strongly discourages the comparison or ranking of states on the basis of SAT scores alone". That's probably why I couldn't find this table for 2004 and had to go with 2003 data.)

Now, if I were going to be act like a conservative, I'd be honest and explain why this comparison is probably not valid (even though the data is real, actual, data as opposed to made-up data). But instead, I'll leave it to those brilliant leftists to figure out why the states are not really comparable.

Meanwhile I'm going to act like a leftist: Nyah, nyah! We conservatives are smarter than you leftist wingnuts! You're all so stoopid you can't find your butt with both hands. And you come from stoopid states too. If you were smart like us you would vote Republican. Nyah, nyah!
State Average Vote
North Dakota 607 Bush
Iowa 591 Bush
Illinois 589 Kerry
Wisconsin 589 Kerry
South Dakota 588 Bush
Minnesota 586 Kerry
Missouri 582 Bush
Kansas 580 Bush
Nebraska 575 Bush
Michigan 570 Kerry
Oklahoma 565 Bush
Tennessee 564 Bush
Utah 562 Bush
Louisiana 561 Bush
Arkansas 559 Bush
Mississippi 558 Bush
Alabama 555 Bush
Kentucky 553 Bush
Colorado 552 Bush
Wyoming 548 Bush
New Mexico 544 Bush
Montana 540 Bush
Idaho 540 Bush
Ohio 538 Bush
Washington 531 Kerry
Oregon 526 Kerry
Arizona 524 Bush
New Hampshire 521 Kerry
Massachusetts 519 Kerry
Alaska 518 Bush
West Virginia 516 Bush
Nevada 513 Bush
Vermont 513 Kerry
Connecticut 513 Kerry
Maryland 512 Kerry
Virginia 512 Bush
California 509 Kerry
New Jersey 508 Kerry
New York 503 Kerry
Rhode Island 503 Kerry
Indiana 502 Bush
Maine 502 Kerry
Hawaii 501 Kerry
Pennsylvania 501 Kerry
Delaware 501 Kerry
North Carolina 500 Bush
Florida 498 Bush
Texas 496 Bush
South Carolina 494 Bush
Georgia 492 Bush

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