Wednesday, December 15, 2004

color screens bad

I got a new cell phone a couple of days ago. All I asked for was the smallest clamshell phone that didn't have an antena sticking out (I've broken two of them now) and that wasn't AT&T (lousy service in my area) or Sprint (boycotting). There was only one candidate, and it had one of those humongous, bright, color screens.

I bought it, but that color screen is a nuisance. First, I can't turn off the damn wallpaper. All I want is a plain background that makes it easy to read, but they don't give you any choices except about ten enormously stupid images, and all of them have areas where it's hard to read text on that part of the image. Idiots.

In addition, thanks to the display, this phone has about 1/3 the battery life of my previous phone. Idiots.

Some glorious day, designers are going to start doing a mimimal level of user-interface testing before they put out a new product.

Oh, who am I kidding?

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