Monday, December 13, 2004

in sympathy for Scott Peterson

A local TV news show reported that Scott Peterson, the man on trial for murdering his wife and unborn son, became weepy after the guilty verdict. Up until that time he had been smiling and full of good humor, optimistic and joking with his lawyers.

The deaths of his wife and child could not bring down his spirits, but news of his own impending punishment brought him to uncontrollable tears. And why not? He could get the death penalty. If he does, then all that is good and worthy in the world will come to an end. For this is the personality of a man who would murder his wife and unborn child to be with another woman. This is a sociopath, a true emotional solipsist.

Is it presumptuous of me to presume to look upon another's heart. Yes, I suppose it is. But how else to explain the man's actions?

To Scott Peterson, other people are nothing but tools to work his own desires. He manipulates them like he would his car --turn the wheel clockwise and it goes left, turn it otherwise and the car goes right. Press on one peddle and it accelerates, another peddle causes it to slow. To Scott Peterson, Laci was just that: a vehicle for his pleasure, a beautiful prop for his self-presentation, and eventually, an obstacle to his sexual appetite.

There is nothing that matters to Scott Peterson except Scott Peterson. What a burden this must be! When Scott Peterson is unhappy, all the world is a tragedy. When Scott Peterson is frustrated, all the world is hell. There is nothing good when Scott Peterson is feeling bad. And when Scott Peterson ends, nothing worthy of note will go on. There can be no hope, no hopeful future. It is The End. How can a man live such a bleak existence?

Today, the jury has recommended the death penalty and the judge is likely to sentences him to death (link from Instapundit).

Pity the solipsist. For with his death ends not just a life but an entire world. And what could be more tragic?

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