Sunday, December 19, 2004

oh, one more thing before I go...

Why don't you conservative bloggers lay off of Chevy Chase's career? Sure, call him an idiot. Point out his lack of civility. Criticize his hosts for having him there. But he did some great movies. The scene in "Christmas Vacation" where he is running around with a squirrel on his back is one of the best ever. He was funny in the other Vacation movies too, and Fletch was good. And I even liked "The Three Amigos". The scene where Steve Martin has to talk Chevy Chase into playing the piano is one of the great 10-seconds of commedy history. And he was great on Saturday Night Live.

You guys dumping all over his career sound like junior-high girls talking about the girl they don't like. Nothing she does is right. Her clothes are stupid. The way she talks is stupid. The way she talks is stupid.

Hey, you sound like liberals talking about George Bush.

Please knock it off. You're embarrassing me.

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