Sunday, December 12, 2004

preparing people for totalitarianism

Mostly Cajun links to a story about a ten-year-old girl who was put in handcuffs and carted off to the police station for having scissors at her school.

I'm generally pro-police, but what kind of asshole would do that to a harmless ten-year-old girl? She was crying and confused and hadn't done anything to deserve that treatment, and they just terrified the hell out of her. One thing is for sure, the girl and the other terrified kids who watched it happen are well on their way to becoming the helpless, frightened, perfect citizens that some people seem to want in this country.

Wonder what the kids are saying? I hazard they are reflecting, "You don't even have to do anything bad!". They have learned, "All you have to do is break some arbitrary rule and they come down on you like a brick wall! Don't cross where there isn't a crosswalk, don't say bad things about any non-Christian religions, and whatever you do, don't ever, ever do anything that any paranoid idiot teacher, might under any circumstances view as a threat to his or her authority."

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