Tuesday, April 19, 2005

a solution to the national debt

From Roscoe:
While I disagree with his analysis, what really struck me about the piece is the unspoken assumption that money that we don't have to give the government, through avoidance of taxes, is the same thing as a government expenditure. For example, there is this paragraph:
As Cleveland State University College of Law professor Deborah Geier notes in a recent working paper, the home-mortgage deduction is the third-largest single "tax expenditure"...
I just realized something huge. The government doesn't tax anything at 100%. Each percentage point they don't tax something is a government expense because if they did tax it then they would have the money. Now add up all of the GDP that isn't taken away in 100% taxes and that right there is the government's biggest expense. The biggest expense by a huge margin! By trillions!

Why aren't we conservatives up in arms about this? We need to immediately being lobbying our congressmen for 100% taxes on every single finanancial transaction. With this, we could save enough money to pay off the national debt in one year while funding huge increases in the military and the border patrol all at the same time. Let's get the word out people!

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