Monday, August 22, 2005

being fair

Remember the handicapped kid that got tossed out of the theater for laughing too loud? John Hawkins argues that the theater manager did the right thing. Good for John Hawkins. Bloggers on the right are a bit too eager sometimes to show that they aren't the hard-hearted monsters that the left always tries to portray them as. This leads them to taking up questionable causes like a kid who was ruining the theater experience for dozens of other kids.

He couldn't help it? Fine. I'm not blaming him. And being put out of the theater was not a punishment. It was just an adjustment to a problem that the kid was causing. If it made the kid happy to throw hammers at other kids, would you let him do it so that you aren't being mean to a poor handicapped kid? Of course not. You wouldn't punish the kid but you would take away the hammers. And although ruining a movie experience isn't as serious as throwing hammers, it was one against dozens or hundreds, and I don't see how you can reasonably take the side of the one.

There is another side to the story. There were other people involved. Those who automatically take the side of the mother of the poor handicapped kid are saps for a sob story.

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