Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cindy Sheehan

Does anyone else think it's pretty durn convenient that Cindy Sheehan had to leave to look after her mother just before the arrival of a group of people with family members who are serving or have died in Iraq? It almost looks like she knows she doesn't have anything worthwhile to offer except for her "moral authority" derived from the death of her son. I suspect that she just wants to avoid anyone she can't browbeat with moral authority.

UPDATE: Just to clarify: I'm not suggesting that Sheehan only went to care for her sick mother to avoid the meeting, what I'm suggesting is that Sheehan may have lied about her mother being sick. The woman has been caught in enough lies that she has lost the benefit of the doubt for anything she says. I'm not saying that I believe she is lying, only that I don't know whether she is or not. It would be interesting to interview her mother's doctor.

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