Tuesday, August 30, 2005

disaster to tyranny

This really ticks me off. Some people who took refuge from Hurricane Katrina in the Louisiana Superdome are being held there against their will (link from Michelle Malkin). The National Guard isn't letting people leave because they --the National Guard-- think it's not safe enough. Who the hell do they think they are?

The inside of that dome is miserable. And if leaving is risky, staying also is risky. Ever heard of heat stroke? If someone wants to leave because of the oppressive heat but they aren't let out, and then the person dies of heat stroke, who is responsible? Each adult has a right to decide for themselves and their children what level of risk is acceptable to avoid what level of misery and additional risk. That's what freedom is.

There is no need for New Orleans to become a tyranny just because things are hard. Now is the time to let people solve their own problems because the government is obviously overwhelmed. Some National Guard officer needs to be relieved of duty.

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