Tuesday, August 30, 2005

hurricane blogging by cable

Back when I didn't have TV, I appreciated the accounts of what was showing when there was big news, so I thought I'd take over some of the late-night hurricane blogging.

It's really hard to get good information from cable news, but apparently the hurricane has breached the New Orleans levees in two or three places and there is serious flooding in the city. The levees are big walls that keep the ocean out since parts of New Orleans are below sea level. Fox News has the best coverage. They are showing pictures of flooded streets about six to ten feet deep and running rapidly, but other pictures of New Orleans aren't significantly flooded. I wish they would show a map of the city to give an idea of how extensive the flooding is. Apparently it is less serious than feared because the storm surge was less than expected.

Right now they are showing an aerial view of a flooded portion of the city near the levees. Again, it looks like about six to ten feet deep. The large range in depth is because I don't know how high the bottoms of the door are above the ground in those areas. The water comes about to the tops of the doors. There is no obvious sewage floating in the water, it looks reasonably clean, but I'm not sure how much that tells us.

Several channels are showing video of an unused oil platform that came unmoored and crashed into a bridge. It looks like it is jammed under the bridge now. No one knows how extensive the damage to the bridge is yet.

Some pictures of Biloxi Mississippi showed flooding three or four feet deep there.

A lot of people are going to be left homeless from this storm. Anyone who needs a place to crash and can get to California, I'll put you up for a couple of weeks.

It looks like the oil refineries and other equipment related to gasoline were not hit as badly as feared and they expect the 70/gallon peak on oil futures to go down. Here's hoping, but I'm going to fill up tomorrow and try not to drive for a couple of weeks.

Fox News had a fun montage of all the local reporters out in the hurricane competing on who can take the dumbest risks. Standing out in 70 mph winds, wading through hip-deep flood waters. I'm so jealous. I'd love to have a job that would give me an excuse to take dumb risks like that in big storms.

They just showed one reporter standing hip-deep in flood water near one of the big pumps. You could hear it humming in the background and the reporter was saying that they hope it can keep going.

Morgan-Stanly has some really obnoxious commercials.

Now they are showing a weather map with rain over almost the entire US, east of the Mississippi.

More later if I don't go to bed like I ought to.

UPDATE: I realized that I should mention Hurricane Katrina for people doing a google search, but I doubt that google updates often enough that anyone will find this post while it is still relevant. But just in case: Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina.

Also, Michelle Malkin was keeping everyone up to date on Hurricane Katrina earlier in the day so I thought I should trackback to that post in case people are still going there for info.

Katrina has now been downgraded to a tropical storm as she blows through the in-land states.

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