Wednesday, August 24, 2005

making stuff up

Some people just don't get it. When you blog, there are these things called "links" that you can put in your blog to show people what you are talking about. When you don't have these links, people think you are probably talking out your ass. Like for example this guy (link from Atrios). He is all gung ho to chastize the press for being unfair to ... Bill Clinton. He points out some poll numbers that show Bush has lower popularity than Clinton and then he asks why the press always says that Bush is popular and that Clinton was unpopluar. Thing is, I can't think of any press that matches his description. And since he doesn't link to any, I'm inclined to think that he can't think of any either.

The fact that he couldn't find any links to back up his claim didn't stop him from titling his article "Big Media Lie -- People Like Bush" and it doesn't stop Atrios from repeating the stupidity. The article is worth reading, though, if just for this howler:
But since the mainstream media get their talking points from Fox News Channel...

So this is how the left counters the growing realization that we have a biased left-wing MSM. They know it's not good for them if Americans come to realize that the MSM is just a branch of the Democrat party, so they try to help out by making charges opposite to what the Republicans say. The Republicans say that the MSM is opposed to Bush? Well the Democrats say that the MSM favors Bush. The Republicans say that the MSM is opposed to the war in Iraq? Well the Democrats say that the MSM is in favor of the war in Iraq. The Republicans demonstrate thousands of blatant examples of skewed reporting like the Killian memos, the coverage of the Swiftboat Vets and the coverage of Cindy Sheehan? The Democrats make shit up.

That's all this is. The Democrats realize that their pet media are losing credibility so they are trying to shore it up by mimicking the evidence that Republicans have used to damage that credibility. The difference is that Republicans can actually point to thousands of MSM reports about comparable incidents and show how the MSM always seems to do things in a way that favors the Democrats, while the Democrats have nothing comparable. But that's OK, because the Democrats don't mind lying. After all, they got away with it for forty years.

Unfortunately for them, the reason they got away with it for forty years was because they had a monopoly on the mass media. As that monopoly crumbles, their dishonesty starts to exact a price, and we have seen them paying that price in the last few elections.

It's about time.

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