Friday, September 23, 2005

the black hole of philosophy

You know, it isn't like I haven't been doing a lot of writing lately. The reason you haven't seen much of it here on my blog is because I've been wasting hours in debates over at Maverick Philosopher. There are some really smart people over there and I've become a bit compulsive about arguing with them.

The last time I was this involved in discussions in philosophy I worked at a university. That was a problem, because any time an interesting book came up in the discussions, I could walk across campus to the library to pick it up. Then I'd find some related books on the shelf. Then I'd stop by the fifth floor where the old books were kept to look for something interesting in the same area by a forgotten author. Then I'd spend the next several weeks reading and getting nothing else done.

I don't work on a university campus any more, but there is a public library within walking distance of my house. The only thing that has kept me away so far is the certainty that they wouldn't have what I wanted at the local library and I would have to order it from the central library. So far, the lack of immediate gratification is enough to keep me away from those devious books.

I'm really busy at work. I don't have time for this...

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