Friday, September 09, 2005

funny blogging

The latest Carnival of Comedy is now showing at Rapid Politics Dot Com.

The host, Dan, didn't have the cojones to call a spade a weird and not-very-funny entry. The lowest category he would admit to was "mildly amusing". However, like former presidents, there is a Code among former Carnival of Comedy hosts that one is not supposed to criticize ones inept successors like Dan, so I'll say nothing about it. But if it weren't for the Code, I'd point out that when you take the Carnival of Comedy oath of office you swear to do two things: first, rate the entries into three categories, one of which is "not so funny" and second, provide content warnings. Dan violated his oath on both counts and someone, not me of course, should be calling for his impeachment.

Anyway, it's a great carnival this week; go check it out.

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