Thursday, September 22, 2005

public displays of affection

Michael Williams links to this story about a couple from Israel being fined for public kissing in India. If you ever watch a movie from India, you will notice that they never kiss. There are always a lot of scenes where it looks like a couple is about to kiss: the faces draw together, the lips are slightly pursed, but at the last moment, the couple is always interrupted, or one of them turns away shyly or mischeviously, or their faces miss each other as they hug. I get the impression that it's supposed to be teasing the audience with almost-shocking behavior.

I wonder when we will start to see articles about how sexually repressed the people of India are and how it causes all sorts of cultural maladies?

UPDATE: Indiblog has linked to this post with an apparent misunderstanding of the last sentence. It was supposed to be ironic. It was a jab at the people who accuse Christians of being sexually repressed, not at Indians.

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