Thursday, September 22, 2005

religious tolerance

This is pretty unbelievable (link from La Shawn). A chaplain for the Washington Nationals was suspended for counseling someone according to traditional Christian belief. Doesn't sound like so much to get worked up about, does it? Here's the problem, the question was about the salvation of Jews who reject Christ. The player asked if these Jews are "doomed" and the pastor nodded.

The player had to apologize for offending people. The team's president, Tony Tavares, said "I don't dispute his (the minister's) right to teach his Christian beliefs. It's just the way this was done, turning this into some public pulpit . . . that's what troubles me," but according to the account, there was no public pulpit. One player asked a question of the minister in private and the minister answered it with a nod. The player repeated the incident to a reporter in private, and the reporter published it to the world. So, who gets suspended for turning it into a public pulpit? Why the minister that answered a private question in a private setting.

Tavares is a liar. He panicked when a Jew accused the team of preaching hatred in the locker room and now he is trying to cover his butt by coming up with another excuse for his panicked reaction. Tavares has offered to provide religious services for Jews and Muslims. So Jews, who think that Muslims and Christians are lesser beings are OK. Muslims who think that Jews and Christians are going to hell are OK. But Christians who think that Jews and Muslims are going the hell, well, we just can't have that kind of hatred around our sensitive players.

And what about Rabbi Herzfeld who is using the press and the grievance industry to attack a Christian for being a Christian? He wants to punish a Christian for his beliefs. This hypocrite is trying to achieve his ideal of religious tolerance by a method that amounts to religious persecution.

What is more hateful, to say that God is going to punish sinners or to personally set out to punish people that you think are sinners? To warn someone that they are going to hell for their religious beliefs or to try to get someone fired for their religious beliefs?

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