Friday, September 30, 2005

the vote is in

My office provides free soft drinks and the person who buys them was getting a lot of contradictory requests, so she decided to take a vote for the six most popular. Here are the votes:
Diet Coke 4
Caffeine-Free Coke 2
Regular Coke 2
Diet Pepsi 2
Diet 7-Up 2
Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi 1
I don't think it was a very effective voting strategy because there might have been people who voted for one thing but didn't get it, but if they had known they weren't going to get it they would have voted for something else that they didn't get but that other people voted for and their vote would have put the other thing over the top so they would get it.

Or, actually, since the lowest vote total was 1, that implies that everything that got a vote was in.

As long as I got my Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi.

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