Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ann Coulter and attacking from the left

Everybody likes to think they are moderate. "Oh, sure, I'm conservative, but I'm not an extremist or anything". That's why everyone needs an Ann Coulter and a Rush Limbaugh to attack from the left.

But moderation in virtue is no virtue, and extremism in virtue is no vice. Yes, both Rush and Ann can be caustic. I would prefer that the level of discourse be kept more civil. But the truth is that the left often deserves to be mocked. And Republicans who betray their voters deserve to be bashed. I just loved this column by Ann Coulter.

The main problem with those two is that they don't suffer from that emotional weakness, that craving to be liked, which expresses itself as a need to attack someone from the left. Michelle Malkin and George Bush both do suffer from that disability. And look how much love it gets them. If anything, those two are despised even more than Rush and Ann.

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