Saturday, October 15, 2005


At the risk of letting everyone know what a nerd I am: I attended my first big-name rock concert last night. I went to see the Eagles down in San Jose. I wasn't looking forward to the crowds, but it wasn't too bad.

Most of the audience was middle-aged white folks, which wouldn't have surprised me when I lived in Tucson, but after four years in the Bay Area I've become accustomed to younger, more diverse crowds. San Jose is only 32% white, and only 44% of people even speak English at home. I expected that that a group as famous as the Eagles would have a wider appeal even if they are ancient.

I was there by invitation, in one of those private booths. They served food and drinks, but nothing as good as the hotdogs I bought down on the third floor with all the peons.

The Eagles put on a good, long show. There was no opening band. They sang mostly old music, with a few new songs that were frankly not up to the best of the old stuff. Their voices still sound the same as they did twenty years ago, which kind of surprise me.

The quality of the singing was good, but not quite up to what is on their recordings. I don't know if that is because they are older or because on the recordings they could keep trying until they got it perfect.

My favorite Eagle's songs are pretty typical: "Desperado", "Hotel California", "Tequila Sunrise", "Life in the Fast Lane", "Lyin' Eyes", "Take it to the Limit", "Peaceful Easy Feeling". Never cared for "New Kid in Town".

The Eagles walked off the stage without singing either "Hotel California" or "Desperado". No, this isn't begging the audience to call for a double encore. For all I know, that could be the tradition in rock concerts, though.

There were several songs I recognized from the radio that I never suspected were the Eagles. Most notable is "Life's Been Good To Me So Far". I'm not really what you'd call a serious fan...

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