Monday, October 03, 2005

like father like son

Don't let anyone tell you that George Bush didn't learn a valuable lesson from his father's presidency. Remember "read my lips; no new taxes"? At least this George Bush waited until his second term to break the campaign promise that got him elected. Bush's promise, of course, was to nominate justices like Scalia.

UPDATE: In reading around the blogosphere I've concluded that I was too quick on the draw. Those contributions to the Democrats were back in the eighties. Lots of good people left the Democratic party during the eighties in response to the Democrats gradual radicalization. Miers may well have been one of them. And as Hugh Hewitt points out, the president knows her views.

This is another nomination that will just have to remain in doubt until we see her decisions on the Court. That in itself is a bad thing. The party that controls both houses of Congress and the presidency should not have to nominate stealth candidates.

Unlike some of the other blogosphereans, I couldn't care less that she didn't go to Harvard or Yale and didn't have some impressive clerkship. Those things tell you more about a person's ambition than about their intelligence or judgment. I don't think we will suffer by having someone a little less personally ambitious on the Supreme Court.

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