Saturday, October 08, 2005


Tom Harrison mentions pre-algebra and my first thought was "Pre-algebra? Isn't that also called 'long division'?" It's funny, but I can't remember any mathematics between fourth grade (long division) and seventh grade (algebra). We must have had some math in fifth and sixth grade, but I can't remember it. I can remember the teachers: fifth grade: Miss Chriswell, who was pretty and nice and I had a crush on; sixth grade: Mrs. Griffin who was even meaner than Mrs. Jordan, my third-grade teacher. Or was Mrs. Griffin my nice, older fourth-grade teacher? I can't remember the name for sure, but I can picture her. I remember her like she was twisting my ear yesterday.

I can vaguely remember various other subjects we learned in fifth and sixth grade, but I don't remember math. Did we just skip math for two years?

This is going to be bothering me for a week.

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