Tuesday, November 29, 2005

story notes

Since I got out last week's installment of "Ink Magic" a bit early and since it was short, and since it was a major cliff-hanger, I decided not to wait for next Saturday to publish the next one. You will find it just below this post. The new section isn't a cliff-hanger, but hopefully it introduces enough mystery to leave you with an interest in discovering more. I hope to get out another section on Saturday.

How do you like the plot twist of a mad scientist who discovers another universe? Pretty original, huh? But come on, it's a common plot device because it's neat.

Sheya is hosting the next Storyblogging Carnival over at Tales By Sheya. Get your stories in by Saturday. I actually saw a significant traffic boost from the last Carnival; I'm hoping that means the Carnival is growing more popular.

I really should volunteer to host the Carnival again. Maybe after Christmas.

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