Thursday, December 01, 2005

Democrats and soldiers

The Republicans would be a more manly party if they would listen to Ann Coulter.

I am so sick of these two-faced Democrats who react with mock horror when any Republican criticizes any Democrat who either (1) served in the military or (2) had a son killed in the military, as though this sacrifice should forever protect them from criticism from their fellow citizens, while showing no respect at all for any Republican who has given the same sort of sacrifice. It is pure partisan, cynical, hypocritical, bald-faced exploitation of the military by people who despise the military and all that it stands for.

But what sickens me even more than the Democratic hypocrisy and posturing is the weasely Republican bowing and scraping to this exploitation. Republican politicians are terrified of criticizing Democrats who sacrificed because they know the MSM will trash them for it. But if they would just stand up like men and take their lumps and defend themselves now, during an off-year, this putrid strategy might have lost its usefulness by election time. Instead, the Republicans are allowing the formation of yet another tradition where Democrats can criticize Republicans but Republicans cannot criticize Democrats.

Republicans already can't criticize a Democrat who happens to be black or female or gay without being roasted over a slow fire by the press for "intolerance", but Democrats can say any racist, sexist, homophobic thing they want and suffer no consequences. Thinks are shaping up so that by election 2006, the same one-sided rule will apply to soldiers and families of soldiers.

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