Sunday, December 18, 2005

Monday Evening

For anyone who wonders why Monday Evening has been down for a few days, I asked Tom Harrison about it and thought I should pass along his reply:
Thanks, I'm fine. We had a power failure that damaged some of the hardware.
I'm still in the process of assembling and configuring another Frankenbox;
Then I'll restore from the backups. I hope to be back up later today or
tomorrow. I have a static page up at
http://tfharrison.homeip.netexplaining, but I guess that's not visable
to everyone. Thanks for your
concern, I appreciate it.
Tom Harrison
That link doesn't work for me though.

I just noticd that my side bar still says "Monday Afternoon" but I'm pretty sure Tom changed the name to "Monday Evening". I'll have to check when the site is back up and maybe change my sidebar.

People shouldn't be allowed to change blog names to similar names. See what kind of trouble it causes? There ought to be a law.

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