Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I was just showing my blog to young lady named Shreya and she thought she saw her name on it as I was scrolling by. She seemed a little disappointed that it was really a reference to Sheya and not Shreya.

Sorry, Shreya. I expect that one day I'll mention you on the blog. Just keep reading.

What is it with women's names anyway? I now know a Sheya, a Shreya, a Sheena, a Shawna, a Sia, and a Sarika. Whatever happened to, like Beth and Jane?

UPDATE: I had an attack of good sense and decided that I should qualify the above by noting that I think those are all lovely, feminine names. I'm just annoyed because I have a bad memory for names and it's hard to keep them all straight.

My poor father wasn't much older than me when he started "going through the names". You know, there were three boys: Dave, Bob, and Ed. Dad would be calling Ed and go "Dave ... Bob ... Coky ... Ed."

Coky was the dog.

Those names have nothing in common and the old man had trouble with them anyway, so what chance do I have with Sheya, Shreya, and Sarika?

And why don't chicks want cool names like "Doc Rampage"?

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