Sunday, December 11, 2005

what the AAP won't tell us

Here is an article from the AAP about some mob violence in Australia (via Instapundit). The AAP is the Australian Associated Press, the Australian national news agency.

Go ahead and read the piece. See anything missing? You have to wonder whether the AAP is trying to report the news here or to conceal it. After all, this is a story about mob violence, one group against another, yet the article, throughout most of the narrative, fails to reveal what group the various actors are. If we don't know who did what, we really don't know what happened, do we?

Let's go through some of the article:
an ambulance called to the scene to treat five people injured in today's violence has been attacked by a mob who shattered its windows.
What group were the five people? What group were the ambulance drivers? What group was the mob that broke the windows?
police have been pelted with beer bottles, and their patrol cars stomped on, as the outnumbered officers struggled to maintain control.
Did both groups attack police or only one of the groups?
"What has been occurring on some fronts is that people of Middle Eastern backgrounds that have been seen in the Cronulla area – a swarm of the crowd has approached these people with vile abuse, in the most un-Australian way," Mr Goodwin said.
Ah, finally. Nine paragraphs into the article we learn who the groups are. It seems from this quote that a bunch of people of Middle Eastern backgrounds who were peacefully using the beach were violently attacked by a crazed mob of white Australians. We'll come back to that "it seems" in a moment.
"... we have sections of the crowd that have swollen towards young Arabic males and females, who have been using this beach."
More unprovoked violence against those innocent Arabs?
Earlier today, police rushed to Cronulla train station where a mob ran there from the foreshore after receiving a text message saying a group of Lebanese people were trying to leave. Mr Goodwin said the text message was wrong, but sparked a scuffle at the station between the crowd and police.
Ah hah! Here we have it again. The Lebanese just wanted to leave and a bunch of white hooligans were attacking them and attacking the police.
Earlier, a police spokeswoman said two men, aged 32 and 20, had been charged with offensive behaviour.
A third man had been arrested and was expected to be charged with assault, she said
What group?
Authorities had expected trouble today after two violent incidents at the beach last week – an attack on two lifeguards on Sunday and a brawl later in the week in which youths turned on a media crew. A series of text messages then began circulating, encouraging members of two rival groups of beach users to attack each other.
What race the attackers, what race the lifeguards and what race the media crew? This is apparently where the violence began, but the AAP doesn't tell us what happened. Did a bunch of white Australians beat up some Arab lifeguards? Did a bunch of Arabs beat up some white lifeguards? What started the beating? If it was Arabs beating up the lifeguards, did they do it because the lifeguards were baring too much skin for sensitive Muslim eyes? If it was whites, did they do it because they they don't like brown people? What motivated the violence?

What was the media crew doing there? Were they covering the lifeguard beating or just hanging out? Were they white or Arab?

Were there any arrests in either incident? What did the police do? Where are the quotes from police and civic leaders about those incidents?

Who were these two rival gangs? Was it the whites and the Arabs? If so, this is the first hint that the Arabs weren't passive victims in the event; they may have had a gang too, but the AAP is too coy to tell us outright.

Actually, if you read carefully, there was earlier the faintest breath of a hint that it was Muslims who attacked the news crew also. See the word "youths" there? Recall any recent news stories with the word "youth" being used for a group of violent people? That's what the MSM was calling the rioters in Paris a few weeks ago. Is this a new raceless racial code word? Are we now supposed to translated "youth" to "someone from one of those troublesome Muslim countries" when we read news stories?
One of the messages had urged "Aussies" to take revenge against "Lebs and wogs". Another urged locals to rally at a point on the beach today to take retaliation against "middle eastern" gangs.
Ah, "revenge" and "retaliation" against "Lebs and wogs". So apparently the whites thought that the Arabs had done something worth retaliating against. What? I dunno. I have some guesses, but these are only inferences from vague information; the AAP doesn't tell me. By now, if you are a careful reader, you have realized that perhaps this wasn't an unprovoked attack against peaceful Arabs. It only seemed that way because of the way the AAP reported it.

Fortunately for us, there are blogs. If the professional reporters won't tell us what happened, then blogger Splat Guy will (via Tim Blair):
* Last weekend some people, probably Lebanese Muslims, bashed a bunch of lifeguards at Cronulla Beach, including knocking one unconscious. They also harassed girls and women on the beach.

* Residents, pissed off by the violence, got angry at the lack of police attendance and presence.

* The anger morphed into a rage that the beach was being "invaded" by people from the western suburbs (i.e., a euphemism for Lebanese Muslims).

* Some people started texting to incite others to "defend the beach" from thugs.

* Today they did that by forming a violent, rowdy mob.
Ah hah! So it was the Arabs who attacked first. Even more, it wasn't just one incident. The AAP also failed to tell us that the Arabs were Muslims and were going around harassing white females. We wouldn't know this at all if not for bloggers. Most likely the lifeguards were defending some girls that the Muslims were harassing and they got beat up for it.

Then the police did nothing. We have seen this before in Europe where Muslim violence is met with passivity by officials. If this is actually what happened, then the Aussies had good reason to be angry. The AAP carefully avoided telling us that the trouble started with Muslims using intimidation and violence against non-Muslims.

The offense against good reporting continues in another AAP article (via Tim Blair)
There have been a number of incidents of property damage in the past hour-and-a-half that included broken windows and damage to motor vehicles," he said.

Reports on radio station 2GB indicated up to 50 vehicles with passengers armed with "baseball bats" had been causing trouble in Maroubra, in Sydney's east.

Police have set up a command post in the area, 2GB reported.

Sky News reported that a group of people in cars and with baseball bats, bits of wood and stakes, had "slammed every single car" in some streets.

"The windows were smashed out", one report said.

One eyewitness reported every car in a section of Maroubra Road had had their windows and windscreens smashed, and glass was littering the road.

In Wride Street, a group of 50 local people chased after the offenders on foot before disappearing into units in the area.
Without Tim Blair, we wouldn't know that the bat-wielding thugs that are going around destroying cars are Arab Muslims. Why does the AAP think it's important to report that whites engage in mob violence against Arabs and that local officials are horrified about it, but when Arabs engage in organized mob violence against whites, the details aren't very important, and no one cares enough to say that it's a bad thing?

Here's more from that second article:
There were also reports of crowd trouble at beachside suburbs of Kyeemagh and Brighton Le Sands, in Sydney's south.
Couldn't the AAP find out any details about this violence? Tim Blair didn't help us out with this one but here is my guess based on what the AAP doesn't say: the violence at the other suburbs is organized intimidation by Muslims against Aussies. Following the trends of the rest of these two articles, if the violence in the other suburbs were by Aussies against Muslims or if it were mutual violence, then the AAP would have been sure to tell us that Aussies were getting out of control again. It seems that whenever they won't tell you who is being violent, it's Arabs.

What's interesting about this is how the bloggers, both Tim Blair and Splat Guy can mix news with editorializing and still give me more factual information about what happened than the professional news outfit can give me in a straight news piece.

This is why the MSM is fading.

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