Monday, December 12, 2005

you heard it here first

Dean and Instapundit have posts up with some stories about how Muslims are starting to join the war against terrorism. This is clearly a direct result of George Bush's foreign policy. He is making it safer for Muslims to oppose terrorism and he is making it look like terrorism is the losing side (and nobody wants to be on the losing side).

I predict that the leftists will continue to scorn Bush's foreign policy, insisting that the problems of the Muslim world are too deep, that the "Arab street" will always be full of irrational hatred and anger, and that it is just too dangerous for us to respond to force with force, until it becomes obvious that things really are changing for the better. At that point, these critics will do a 180 and claim that the problems never were that serious, that the "Arab street" never really was behind terrorism, that the whole thing was a historical hiccup that was destined to fade away, and that anyone who was paying attention should have known this.

That's how they responded to Reagan's strategy in the Cold War. The Communists were unbeatable and it was horribly dangerous to resist them until they were beaten. Then they were a paper tiger that never posed us any danger and Ronald Reagan's strategy had nothing to do with it.

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