Friday, August 05, 2005


I forgot to mention the StoryBlogging Carnival and the Carnival of Comedy.

outsourcing cheerleaders

I didn't read the whole article because it got into boring things like outsourcing information technology, but I really like the idea of outsourcing cheerleaders. I like a lot of variety, so I'd like to see cheer squads with women from all over the world Africa, India, SE Asia, NE Asia, South America, etc. Like I said, the article got boring so I never got to the part that explained why the cheerleaders are nervous about coming to the US, but if someone figures it out, let me know, OK?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm still here

Blogging as suffered since I've been moving and working on a deadline at the same time.

Surprisingly, I didn't hurt my back moving but I did drop a heavy couch on my legs. I seem to be OK except for some bruising. Abandonded five pieces of broken furniture that I was just keeping around because I couldn't bear to throw away something so large. It's a load off my mind to finally be rid of them.

Love the new place in spite of the paper-thin walls. Love the foggy weather.

Just got broadband at home so I can blog from home now. Also, I have cable TV for the first time in three years and I got a movie channel. My plan is to catch up on all the moves I've missed recently and then drop the movie channel. I may get a Tivo or a Linux box that does similar things.

More news as developments warrant.

Oh, by the way: never hire friends of friends to help you move. They may charge half as much as professional movers, but they take four times as long and they beat the crap out of your stuff. Next time, I'm going with pros all the way.